My Computer Is Hijacked & I Need an Ethical Hacker To Help!

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      Hi There I am a newbie I do not know anything about ethical hacking but I will tell you this for the past 6 years my 2 PC have been Hijacked and Hacked!  they delete files and my entire websites at will, I can do nothing and am helpless, they it or he or she is updating my html code I do AS I am Updating a new website, and changing data and renameing files and delting files and bookmarks and folders, it is a MESS!

      I need an ethical hacker to help catch WHO is doing this….I am in Ministry and to date have had my website deleted over 4 times in 2 years.  I just want to catch WHO is doing this and PROSECUTE them to the fullest extent of the law.

      Please help if you can I will forever appreciate all your help.

      God Bless this forum!


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      Hi Matt
      Tracing who is doing this will not solve the problem this website is it personal or belong to the Ministry .In both cases change the hosting company if you host your site on unknown one I mean go for famous once “Godady.. hostgatoe  . Are you web developer? Are using CMS “ joomla , wordpress , ..etc” ?
      My advice to you just give this work to any web developing company , shop whatever and they give you access only to update the content of the website
      Regard your 2 PC just format them .

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      Most likely you have been compromised and either A) haven’t fixed the hole, or B) they have your creds and you haven’t changed those.  You will need a clean system, one that hasn’t been used before.  Power down the compromised systems.  Change all your passwords.  Chances are they may be exploiting a vulnerability in your code/site which keeps allowing them to have control.  If it is hosted, you may want to take it up with the hosting provider.  If you are hosting them on your own equipment, hand that over to an experienced web hosting provider.  If you backed up any data during the time of the compromise, restoring that data could just reinfect you with the attacker’s malware.  It is a vicious circle, but having an ethical hacker at your disposal may not help you.  In order to determine what is going on, a forensic investigator may be better suited to help you.  An EH will be able to give you ideas as to how you keep getting compromised, but may not be able to tell you specifics.  If you are a developer, I would recommend you check out OWASP, they give a great run down at better web site security – check out the top 10 project.  Good luck!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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