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    Hi all,

    With mobile phones getting smarter and smaller I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a good course or any good books on mobile security/pen testing

    Thanks 🙂

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    Check this book, it might be helpful

    Mobile Application Security

    Smart phones, dumb apps

    and articles by Foundstone
    Penetrations testing iPhone applications
    Penetrations testing Android applications

    Hope this helps

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    Its for against the lose of data while communicating and also for virus.

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    You should try Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense and Mobile Device Security .. pretty good books. The first one is a technical and historical reference on mobile threats while the latter provides high level and non-technical outline of the things you can do to defend against threats.

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    If you’re really serious about it, I know this course is going to be running soon (at least that is the hopes…):

    Mobile Security

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