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      Mobile Phone/Device Encryption

      Ok, so pretty much everyone nowadays owns a mobile phone with functionality that I NEVER use!…. well that is except for EMAILS!  I currently own a Blackberry in which I use for calls, SMS and email from my personal email accounts.  The problem is the majority of these accounts do not provide support for POP3 encryption……

      So, what I want to know is, are there any mobile devices such as Iphone, blackberry, HTC that have good memory/disk storage encryption so that I can store my personal emails without fear, that if my device is stolen or lost that the emails will be encrypted and cannot be compromised?  Can any of the devices be configured to use POP3/IMAP over TLS or PGP support? and are there any free email providers that support POP3/IMAP over SSL/TLS?

      I hope this makes sense J

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      I believe iPhones, Androids, etc. can use IMAP over SSL with GMail.  There’s a “Require SSL” or “Always” option on these devices under the mail account settings.  Doesn’t address your secure storage question though.  For that, configure device authentication / PIN code to access.  If it’s a corporate-owned phone/device, you may be able to push/enforce security policies centrally. 

      Of course, there’s a known bug in the iPhones that makes all that moot with certain versions of Ubuntu 10 😉

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