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    Hi, does anybody signed up for this ?

    I am thinking about it but I never took certification from ELearnSecurity.
    So if You have any info about it or took it please share it here πŸ˜‰

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     Phillip Wylie 

    I am currently taking the course and I am enjoying it. I was assigned an mobile app to pentest at work and this course has helped me a lot.

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    moblie Application security is very use full to the moblie user because they want to save there data in the security some private data and there is many of aps available in the app store link app lock etc!

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    I just finished & submitted this exam this morning now πŸ™‚

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       Don Donzal 

      How’d you do?

      What were your thoughts on the course, exam, practical approach, etc.?

      Do you have any experience with other mobile appsec courses? I’m curious how it compares.


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