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      I have a Nokia Express Music 5310 phone which is having 1GB of SD Card . Using the MultiBoot software by I put DSL ISO into it and then restarted my laptop to check if it runs fine ( I did formated the SD card during installation with FAT32 – Earlier it was on FAT ) . The laptop restated well and I booted from my mobile storage and it ran DSL . After I powered off the mobile and started it , it showed me NOKIA logo and then shutdown . I tried it several times with same results . I then removed the SD card and things worked fine . I then started the mobile without SD card and it worked fine and when I put the memory card it powered off by itself during the operation.

      Now there might be three things possible

      1) When the mobile starts it searches for boot files and when it see GRUB in the SD card it powers off since it is unable to recognize it .
      2) Nokia Express Music is unable to recognize FAT32 partition because earlier it had FAT and was running fine
      3) The card is no more good because of what I did .

      Has anyone tried installing simillar types of things into a mobile memory card ?

      I will format the SD card from office using the SDCard reader and check if things go in a proper direction .
      If things go sucessfull this can help a lot in troubleshooting networks when I am at remote locations .

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