Mile2 Info claims it covers OSCP objectives????

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      Hello everyone:

      A friend sent me this link:

      If you read the info on the left column is says:

      C)PTE Certification Exam covers:
      C)PTE – Certified Pen Testing Engineer
      CEH – C)PTE covers the CEH exam objectives
      OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional


      I have no idea who Mile2 is but i find that they have big b#!(( to put that on their website. Anyone familiar with them that can clear doubts on the quality of their content and the OSCP line???


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      The Mile2 course content look promising. I think they might be correct in saying covers OSCP objective in terms of the material and topics covered.

      However OSCP Labs offer scenario based real-life environments to
      practice. Looking at the Mile2 lab objective I do not feel they offer that level of lab practice as it indicates that a student should spend 20 hours or more performing the labs.

      Anyone who has taking OSCP would know what 20 hours is 😉

      This is what the labs objective on Mile2 course

      This is an intensive hands-on class that includes an updated 300 page lab guide. Students may spend 20 hours or more performing labs that walk them through a real world Pen Testing model. Labs begin with simple activities and move on to more complex procedures. During labs, students move through a detailed Lab Guide containing screen shots, commands to be typed, and steps students should take. Students will make use of scores of traditional and cutting edge Pen Testing tools (GUI and command line, Windows and Linux) as they make their way through mile2®’s time-tested methodology. (See Outline below for tool titles) Customers can be confident that as new methods arise in the security world, our labs are updated to reflect them.

      In Summary, The course Mile2 offers would likely cover the theory OSCP offer.

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      Hows it going, once you take the class let us know if it covers it or not, 😛

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      Phillip Wylie

      They might cover the material, but an important part of preparing for the OSCP is the practice you get from the lab. You still have to sign up for the Pentesting With BackTrack course to take the exam, which would give you 30 days of lab time.

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      For the low price of $3000, you can cover the material of a $750 course. That’s pretty rad 😉

      Seriously though, that’s so sketchy. I’d go for original training over something that just covers what someone else has done.

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      Old, but I don’t agree, OffSec does not provide the guidance required for some people who are starting in the field and still need to learn the skills of an OSCP. I think M2 could be a viable option to people preping for these courses who need a bit more guidance. Of course they should consider other vendors as well.

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      Thanks for nice post share here.

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      3k for 5 days training, I wonder how much information you would retain in that time frame as the course seems to cover a great deal.

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      I’ve retained a lot from boot camps. But you do have to go in with a base set of knowledge.

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      I have friends who have taken both OSCP and Mile2 certifications and from what I heard after they complete the course, OSCP is still the best. OSCP is one hell of a course which really test your Pentest skills to a good extend. I haven’t personally registered for OSCP yet (But will register soon) but those who already did said that OSCP is the best course they have ever taken compared to Mile2, CEH etc..

      Even through OSCP is considered to be a Beginner level course, it still has some basic requirements like solid understanding of TCP/IP, networking, and reasonable Linux skills are required, which means the course not for complete beginners but for people with basics skills stated above.

      I would still prefer OSCP over Mile2 no matter what the company says so !

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      Its never been a question of the other courses being “better” than the OSCP, its more of an issue with the quality of the training itself.

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