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      midnight monster

      hello there i wanna ask  a question about metasploit i using backtrack and run ìt from terminal when i use show exploit command i cant see a full list of expliots for example linux exploits can you tell why? :-

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      so what do you have when you run the command show exploits ?
      and can you look for a particular exploit using the command search ?

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      midnight monster

      when i using show expliot command i see alot of only windows exploits and i dont know anything about search exploit can explian more

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      maybe you should take the time to do some research:

      There’s a lot of good resources out there and a great site called Google

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      @midnight monster, the list of exploit in an up to date copy of Metasploit is huge and will most likely take up more than 1 entire screen, pushing most of the other available exploits out of view.

      Try doing a ‘msfcli -l | grep linux’ which will show all of the linux exploits.

      Always remember to Google first before asking questions 🙂

Viewing 4 reply threads
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