Metasploit android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp.


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      Hello, world.

      I am having issues with Metasploit while using android/meterpreter_reverse_tcp and after setting all the lport and lhost when I am getting an error at that time.

      For example, if the network IP of my virtual machine is and I set lport as 8080, and then the IP I type in my mobile is after typing it in my mobile it shows me the error that the page is not working but the listener in meterpreter says session started then died.

      And if I type the IP in my mobile as, I can access the Apache servers page and find my exploitable android file, but in the meterpreter listener does not listen to the command that gets function in my mobile it stays still or just shows the staring line that is Started reverse TCP handler on

      Please help me to correct this error.

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