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      Hi guys, sorry for disturbing your time, can i get some explanation
      about file Messbots.exe is this file like a malware or what? cause i had googling and found that this file is unknown about safe or not.
      Thank’s a lot to this Forum.

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      It is not wise to judge whether an executable file is malware based on the filename. Most malware chooses either a random name or names itself to look harmless.

      You can upload a file to where it will be checked against a number of different AV scanners and report the results. Don’t think for one minute that if virus total doesn’t flag it as malware that it isn’t, there’s lots of nasty stuff out there with no AV signature to detect it.

      Where did you get the file and from whom? What is it supposed to do? Does whatever it’s supposed to do warrent the risk of running the file? If you are just curious as to what it does it’s probably best just to delete the file.


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      Jimbob’s advise is good, if VirusTotal shows the file to be malicious you can submit the file to a sandbox (e.g. Norman Sandbox) to get a better idea about what the code does, which can be especially useful if you have already executed the .exe

      Either way if you find anything maliciuos if you are able/willing consider uploading the file to Offensive Computing.

      Let us know what you find,

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      Thank’s a lot for all your replies and advices, it’s very help me and i don’t
      know anyone give that .exe file to me cause when i checked my linux pc that file is in my folder, by the way i will try to upload that file in virustotal.
      Thank you so much guys.

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      Post its md5 if you can.

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