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      Hi All

      I’m not sure if this is the correct forum to post, but Mods, by all means move it as necessary.

      I’m an IT pro of a number of years, currently “resting”. Most of my work has been in the IBM Host sphere, although I have also worked on Unix or clone systems, and performed a number of multi platform projects.
      I’m a pretty experienced PC hobbyist, fixing a number of buddies hardware and software issues, and giving them the benefit of my experience.

      I’m currently refreshing via Ubuntu Linux, as most of the better tools for Network hacking seem to be in this area.
      I’m looking to make a few buddies who I can learn from, and indeed share my knowledge with, but would be particularly interested in getting a couple of people that would act as mentors over my first initial hurdles.
      Someone that I could ask via email, or some form of chat, when I hit a problem, which might be a bit dumb to ask on an open forum.

      For instance, I have versions of Ubuntu I run from CD. I haven’t been brave enough to make dual boot systems, but I do have 3 PCs in the house, plus a Laptop, so intend installing it on there.
      But when I get some of the code, for instance Kismet, I am a bit dumb about how I install it, and in which environment.

      Anyway, hears hoping some of you guys can spare a bit of time in what will be my big fact hunt.


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      Ive no issue with studying with someone else.  Don’t know about being able to mentor but sharing knowledge and skills sounds useful to me.

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      Tom Wilhelm runs training classes that are based on the mentoring concept and are reasonably priced. You can look them up at

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      If you haven’t came across the site yet, check out Infosec Mentors.

      As for security tools, Ubuntu is good to get your feet wet. Don’t have to dual boot them if you’re not ready. Look into Virtual Box and VM Ware. If one of your computers can handle it, you can install the software to make it a virtual host, and then run what ever linux distros installed as a virtual guest.

      As for the tool themselves. I hate re-inviting the wheel when it’s not needed. So check out the Backtrack Linux Project. The latest version, Backtrack 4 R2,  is based off Ubuntu. It has most of the tools, and awesome patches for the tools built in.

      Lastly, as long as you check the forum before asking, you’ll find that we don’t have problem answering questions. We won’t spoon feed you, but we’ll give you an idea of how to refine you search. If you show an attempt, you’ll get help.

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      If I were you, run Ubuntu as your OS but take advantage of Backtrack. Like chrisj said, dont re-invent the wheel. Using their virtual machine you can blow it up and you wont mess up your host machine.

      The forums are pretty active so you can always ask questions here but if you’d like my personal email address just send me a private message.

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      You might want to checkout, It works great and is free if you are looking to play with any *NIX operating system.  It will also run better than the live CDs do and you don’t have to reboot.

      Edit: You do have to register with VMWare, but its not too painful.

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      Check out IRC, Freenode is a great place, for instance: #backtrack-linux, #corelan and #intern0t are places you can ask many questions, even privately  😉 (In #metasploit you should ask questions about metasploit of course.) Doesn’t hurt to check it out, and it’s free as well and you can also gain much more knowledge than most of the provided infosec mentors and trainers which is mostly not based on practical penetration testing such as scripting, programming, finding 0days, debugging, wifu, and so forth.

      It’s an easy and free way to learn, though you should expect that it is expected that you will also try to research and learn topics yourself but there is almost always room to ask any question on IRC if you’re just asking the right place.

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      Thanks all for your replies and tips.

      My circumstances changed since my original post, and I am no longer “resting”, and been working to 7/8PM quite a bit. However I did install Ubuntu on my Laptop as a dual boot, and was pretty impressed with it, and all the functionality I required (chat, email, multimedia. browsing, office type stuff etc)
      I got some help getting over initial hurdles and got some of the hacking apps installed and running. I’m hoping to follow up on it very soon.

      What would you guys say is the best shareware/freeware sniffer for WAN at the moment, and password recovery/hacker tools.
      Windows would be good, but Linux versions give me an opportunity to continuing reeducation in that area.

      thanks again guys

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      On the password side, I like John the Ripper for offline password cracking and hydra for online.  JTR has password lists/dictionaries available @ along with

      g0tmi1k also has some nice vids on Wireless

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