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      Here is the article about the proposed cybersecurity initiative:

      The cyber vulnerability review is conveniently close to that April Fools Day trojan/worm/threat that we were all hyped about. Did anything happen? Not that we can tell, yet at least, but they have started introducing the notion that foreign countries like China and Russia could take over via cyber-attack. This IS a legit concern, for anyone operating on the net. But it also smells a bit of wagging the dog.

      Mostly though, I am concerned and suspicious of the credentialing part. Right now we have an array of certs you can choose to choose or not choose from, and if you know your stuff and know people you don’t need anything but what you know. Certs are good goal setting things, career moves, etc, and opportunity is somewhat limited depending on your situation. I’ve been wanting to do the Off Sec courses for months, as they are the most reasonably priced and affordable for myself, but I don’t even have that kind of money, much less the few grand required to take a licensed CEH course.

      Standards are definitely good–what would the web be without the w3c? Or programming be without ANSI standard C?

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      I think that’s really interesting but also a little too convenient for them. It feels a bit like they’re using Conficker as an excuse to create a new all-powerful government entity for controlling the country’s computers, sort of like how they’re using the drug war in Mexico as an excuse to control the country’s supply of firearms. Not trying to start a political debate…but it’s all just really convenient for them.

      I guess it’s a good thing that they’re going to take security more seriously, even though that may mean less jobs for us outside the government sector.

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      Clay Briggs

      1984!  1984!  Hehe…..

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      I’m betting their primary concern will be slaying the paper dragon and actual security will an after thought.

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      1984!! EXACTLY!! I’m so glad you said that g00d_4sh, nobody else understands :-

      The United States that we know and love is gonna end up in a V for Vendetta-like mess…

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      Wait a minute… this certainly isn’t only due to April 1/Conficker… they’ve had this plan since at least December…,com_smf/Itemid,54/topic,3184.msg14870/#msg14870


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      Here’s another interesting article of a topic that may soon grab more attention…

      The US electrical grid: How big of a cyber target is it?

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      Ah! I just posted something about this a second ago…I’ll repeat.

      Anyone here read “Black Ice”? It talks mainly about the vulnerability of our critical infrastructure…it’s actually the main inspiration for my career change. I saw somewhere else (the Times, I think) about how insecure we are, and how insecure the new proposed electrical grid will be. Scary stuff.

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