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      Don Donzal

      New project initiated by EH-Net member Manu Zacharia with a small team of security enthusiasts working from the US, France and India. The Matriux Web Site describes the project as:

      The Matriux is a phenomenon that was waiting to happen. It is a fully featured security distribution consisting of a bunch of powerful, open source and free tools that can be used for various purposes including, but not limited to, penetration testing, ethical hacking, system and network administration, cyber forensics investigations, security testing, vulnerability analysis, and much more. It is a distribution designed for security enthusiasts and professionals, although it can be used normally as your default desktop system.

      With Matriux, you can turn any system into a powerful penetration testing toolkit, without having to install any software into your hardisk. Matriux is designed to run from a Live environment like a CD / DVD or USB stick or it can easily be installed to your hard disk in a few steps. Matriux also includes a set of computer forensics and data recovery tools that can be used for forensic analysis and investigations and data retrieval.

      The first beta version will be released on 05 Dec 09 at Club Hack 2009.


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      😮 Can’t wait to check it out !
      Big thanks to the developers. According to the description, it’s going to be a great system.  ::)

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      Sounds interesting. Wondering what the differences to already existing security distris are though (e.g. BackTrack).

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      @awesec wrote:

      Sounds interesting. Wondering what the differences to already existing security distris are though (e.g. BackTrack).

      Here the developers name some differences from other distros :
      Matriux vs. BackTrack

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      Congratulations on the distro release Manu

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      Thanks Don and EH-Net family for all the support and guidance.

      It’s been one month since we launched Matriux. (Matriux was launched on 06 Dec 09 – first public beta – project code named Lithium). The response is really amazing. More than 95% of the response we got was positive and supportive. I think this is the right time and place to update more about Project Matriux.


      Matriux Project is not just limited to the security distro. It is more than a Live DVD. Matriux consists of the following:

      • Matriux Security Distribution – Live DVD Project
      • Matriux Security Testing Framework (MSTF) – Workflow based security testing framework – Status: Under development
      • The k0d3 (pronounced “The Code”) – Its all about Security Coding, Secure Coding Practices and Hacking the Code (the “optimized” way of coding).

      I am extremely glad to share some good news related to Matriux with the EH-Net community:

      • Matriux is listed in the best security tools list for 2009 released by Security Database.
      • The SimWitty community, an open source group building security information management tools, has announced a partnership with Matriux for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Matriux will be the central platform for SimWitty’s InfoSec internship program beginning in January 2010. More information – and
      • Collaboration with project DVWA – Next release of Matriux will include DVWA.
      • Matriux have been invited for participating in the InfoSec Daily Podcast which is recorded nightly at 7 PM EDT. The date is yet to be finalized – will keep you all updated.
      • Matriux appeared in Hacker Public Radio Podcast,
      • Currently used by various educational institutes, investigation agencies and other organizations for training on Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing and Forensics courses.
      • And finally, a large number of requests received from across the globe to contribute and represent Matriux Tiger Team in their respective Countries / States.

      I would like to thank Don and the EH-Net Family once again for all the support and guidance provided.

      We are sure that we can take Matriux to the next level.  Any comments or suggestion, feel free to message me or our community (we have a forum and IRCirc://

      And finally, some Matriux wallpapers for all.

      Happy Learning and Happy Hacking

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      That’s awesome, Manu! Nice work and congrats on the achievements!


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      I second Bill, great job, Manu. 😉

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      Nice job, manu!

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