Manual Vulnerability Detection

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      Phillip Wylie

      EH-Net - Wylie - Manual Vulnerability DetectionTypically during penetration tests, scanners are used to detect vulnerabilities. Sometimes security professionals may want to go undetected to test the response of the blue team (aka defensive security) and the security controls of an organization. However, vulnerability scanners are quickly detected due to the amount of network traffic generated by these tools. There are also times that standard, automated scans may miss vulnerabilities. To solve for these issues, manual vulnerability testing is required. Vulnerability scanners should always be used during pentests to ensure that you detect the easy-to-find vulnerabilities quickly and more efficiently, but manual testing should also be done alongside regular scans. Manual vulnerability detection takes more effort and knowledge, but it is a much-needed skill for the advanced pentester. This article will show you how!

      [See the full article at: Manual Vulnerability Detection]

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