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      Hello everyone,

      I’ve just purchased Maltego v3 and I must say, it’s pretty awesome!!  I actually noticed the article on this site and was attempting to duplicate the results.

      It turns out that I don’t have the [social network membership – rapleaf] in my transforms. I searched the transforms in my install and didn’t see it. I also discovered transforms and it didn’t show up.

      I’m not sure if I have to register this first before it shows up, but the link is broken too.

      Any suggestions?

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      Thank you!!

      Please excuse my ignorance – I’m assuming that this is going to be installed as a local transform.

      Would you be able to guide me in a few of the steps or some documentation on installing this local transform (if this is what I’m suppoused to do).

      I’ve been searching the internet, but haven’t found a decent example of which files to use in github, etc.

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      You may want to check out and the  other videos on the Paterva channel. I believe this one goes through creating your own transforms and may be helpful. I have not used Rapleaf myself so YMMV. Work/Life is pretty crazy right now but when I get a sec I’ll try it out and followup on this thread. May be a week or 2 though.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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