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      I just noticed that there was a new requirement listed on the LPT page and thought that I would highlight it here.

      Complete LPT practical assignment

      I’ve not been able to find any further detailed information about it yet, so if anyone else knows anything, be sure to post.

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      Don Donzal

      Good catch. They’re not sure what they’re doing either. Or should I say they are hinting at what they want to do, but haven’t worked out all of the details yet.


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      Hey Don and all,

      Just wanted to give a quick update on this ‘practical’ for LPT certification. I did get a chance to talk with Sanjay Bavisi (EC-Council President) at the conference.

      The deal with the practical is that it will be in effect January 1, 2008. Along with that change will come the changes to the other certifications as well, the lifespan. If I understood what he said correctly, all of their certifications (or at least the big ones) will be valid for 2 years; including LPT. In order to to renew the certifications, you must achieve EC-Council credits (which I’m not thrilled with and wouldn’t be surprised if that changes) or re-pass the exam.

      I’m going to see if I can get some more information on it and will post when I do.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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