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      Any one know of some one in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that’s hiring, please let me know.

      I have more than 12 years in the I.T and 5 years spent in the security field. GPEN, GAWN, GISP and passed CISSP exam, just awaiting endorsement.



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      What kind of practical experience do you have with security? Your resume and certifications doesn’t tell if you know about penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, etc.

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      I think H1t M0nk3y is in Canada? I could be wrong though.

      However, IMHO the best way to get to a good company is via cons and networking.

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      I am indeed from Canada, but I leave near Ottawa, which is about 2500 miles from Calgary…  :-

      So if you are considering moving to Ottawa, I can definitively help you. Otherwise, my contact circle is pretty much limited to this region.

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      Thanks guys! Experience: I have managed network penetration test and network assessment projects. Analyzed several IDS/IPS logs and investigated incidents.
      Vuln assessment with nessus, nmap experience.

      I have also installed, configured, and managed firewall, switches, vlan.

      Thanks H1t M0nk3y but I am not considering moving to Ottawa at this moment.

      This is not to brag but just sharing excitement with you guys like a kid would when he has some good news/goodies. So last Wednesday, I received an email from ISC2 informing me that I am now a cissp holder.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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