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      Hello. Im a college student and I´m starting to write an article about the Hackers and my main objective is know more about the Hacker as person. The behaviour, interests, motivation, what´s the feelings on being a hacker… In other words, not about the technical point of view. Sorry for the english, it´s not my native language. I would really appreciate any opinion you guys could provide.

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      I would say begin with the type of hackers, white hat, black, grays, suicide, etc, etc. With that you will set the scope of your research.

      From there you begin with the ethic then move on to knowledge, personal gain, hobbies, age, etc, etc.

      It just an idea.

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      For me, a hacker can be ANYONE who wants something to behave differently than it was intended to. Whether that be a creative child, who wants to ‘mod’ his bike with some neat new handlebar spinners, or a woodworker, who wants to modify a tool to do something a bit different. Hacking is a mentality of ‘creativity’, and can be applied to far more than the IT space.

      What drew me into hacking (the IT side) was bits of all of the above, growing up, coupled with working on the old Rainbow Magazine (Tandy / RadioShack stuff / TRS-80) programs – typing them in, seeing they didn’t work, as printed, so I’d have to find / fix / modify the code, etc. From there it grew into a deep dive into how PC’s worked, and how to make them do MORE than they were supposed to do (modding, upgrading, etc.) My love for hacking / pentesting just grew out from there.

      If you have specific other questions you’d like answered, or want to go deeper on the subject, you’re in the right place, so ask away!

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      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I´ve done some writings and there´s still more to do. Yes, I´ve my focus on ethical hackers, who uses the knowledge for non destructive purposes or crimes. Questions like from where comes the interested and if such abilities exist, why for example use them for ethic reasons and not the criminal way. I like the phone example. Why hack a granny´s phone to increase the sound cause she does not hear well anymore instead of hijack the phone to take advantages… I looking for opinions mainly about this behaviour. My goal is write an article to show for the common sense what an white hat hacker really is and how the generic term usually fits wrongly when used to describe cyber crimes. Again, thanks for all opinions so far, and more is welcome.

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      There are a few movies that talk about hackers, and perhaps some of the questions you have could be answered or expounded upon by watching them.

      I think the latest one was “Hackers are people too.” Or “Hackers Wanted”



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      There is nothing to tell about hackers actually, because they will show up at the time of hacking only. 😛

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      Oh, great, your post has provided me with useful information and a fresh perspective on your audience.
      vex 3

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