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      Hi everyone,

      I am starting to look to take on a bit more travel and security engagements. I would like more full pen testing to include physical access as well. I prefer to work on a team, but can work independently as well. An added benefit I have is that I can cover my own airfare.

      I am located in Houston, but like I side willing to travel as long as it is for short engagements. Please PM me if you are hiring or have questions related to hiring me, all others can just respond to the thread.  Thanks!

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      I am from Houston too and last week a google for penetration testing in Houston and found some companies that offer pentest service, I checked the carrier and contact links and they are hiring.

      Take a look

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      Interesting you’re both from Houston.  I’m in Houston for two weeks, leaving next Friday (23rd.)  Small world.

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      Too funny, I can never find any infosec people in Houston it seems, and here we all are.

      impelse: yeah i know most of the companies in Houston, for some reason everyone wants full time people, but I will double check with them. Thanks.

      hayabuse: are you doing some security work down at a gov place south of kema? hah, i have some other friends working there right now.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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