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      Hello all,

      I am new to the forum.  To get straight to the point, I am currently employed with a company that specializes in web application pen-testing.  Thing is I am not in the department that actually engages in pen-testing, I am more of an account manager.  If i stay in the position I am in, I imagine becoming more of a theorist rather a practioner at best.  IF I choose to move over, I will no doubt take a salary cut(20%).  What is the outlook on the career of soley being an application pen-tester(I actually plan on finally obtaining my ccna –>ccna security).  Security interests me much more, and if money was not an issue I would do it in a heartbeat….What would you do?  I would appreciate any advice and thank you in advance.

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      My advice to you would be follow your heart money is not everything. I know we all need to money to pay bills so on. But I personally rather do something I love and and get paid less than be paid loads for a job i disliked doing.

      IMO security is a great field to work in because there are always challenges always something to learn.

      How much you earn really depends on how good you are at it for example a rough guide in the UK is
      Junior can earn 20k to 25k
      Team Member in the UK can earn from 25k to 35k
      Team leader can earn 35k up to 90k

      Onto of that most companies offer a bonus my last company offered
      2k for doing 100 jobs
      5k for doing 130 jobs
      10k for doing 160 jobs

      of course this is not every company but most do offer some sort bonus and it depends on how big and busy the company are.

      I think this decision is something only you can make sometimes in life you have to take a step back to go forwards.

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      Welcome  souljah !

      My advice to you is make sure you are happy in what you are doing. As Jamie.R said we all need money to pay bills but the way I look at it is I don’t need all the frills that come with extra stress. I would much rather get up and look forward to going to work and doing something I love and making less than never wanting yo get out of bed. I’ve been in the IT field for about 7 years now and just starting to move into security, As Jaime.R stated I have found that everyday there is something more to learn from scripting to exploit writing.

      In the end you need to do what you think is in the best interest for you and your family to be happy.

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      20% is a pretty big hit, but depending on where you are now, you could make it up. Feel free to PM me with specific numbers and I can give you a better idea (at least at US rates).

      App security is exploding just like the rest of security. There are companies that will allow you to stay as a practitioner by doing something like this: associate -> consultant -> senior consultant -> principal or super senior, or whatever the term is.

      It really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If its for the love of the work, or if its to try and position your self for another position in 5 years, whatever, MY advice would depend on a number of other factors.

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      You can make good money doing appsec, but you’ll likely find corresponding sales and management positions to be a percentage above you. The answer depends on whether you’re looking to maximize your earnings or job satisfaction.

      Also, like cd1zz alluded to, it’s difficult to give any specific advice without knowing actual numbers; i.e. a 20% drop from 30k and 120k present two drastically different scenarios.

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      Thank you all for your input!

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