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      Hello All,

      Was going through Gentoo Linux Documentation and came across Libata Framework. Couldn’t find much information after a search. So would like to know if any one can throw some light on what is Libata and how it is unique or different from a security standpoint

      Thanks in advance 🙂

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      I think it might make more sense if you see it as lib ata.  (ata device driver libraries.)  I may be wrong, but in the context of that document link, I think that’s what it is…

      OK, so rather than plain laziness, I did google it:

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      so lib ata (LibATA) is a Library according to wiki and not a framework as mentioned in the Gentoo Linux Documentation? Or they are inter-changeably using the words library and framework?

      I did a search for libata framework (as mentioned in the first post) and couldn’t find much.

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      As I understand it, I think you’re correct, in that they used the term ‘framework’ rather loosely / vaguely / incorrectly.  It appears to actually be the libraries / API’s for getting the proper ATA drivers functional, within the kernel.

      This is based on / since, even in the context of the Gentoo docs, they were referring to storage drivers, etc.  So I just looked on libata, by itself, and that’s the impression I came away with.

      Hope it helps.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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