Learn networking before pen testing?


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      I was told to get my networking fundamentals down before I dive into a pen testing course or into pen testing at all. (if you second this or have a rebuttal let me know!)

      Is a networking course on udemy sufficient enough or should I go for a security+ to advance my networking knowledge?

      This is the udemy course i’m looking into, if this is sufficient enough to obtain the networking fundamentals I need to start the basics of pen testing then i’d rather do this then get a comp tia cert.

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      Don Donzal

      Without a doubt, you will need to get your networking fundamentals down. To answer your specific questions…

      I’m not sure which Udemy course you mean, but Security+ is not what you want first if you’re looking at CompTIA. Look at their Network+ cert.

      On the other hand, the free Penetration Testing Student course by eLS you received simply by registering on this site has an entire Preliminary Skills section on networking. Programming, too! 😉

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      My wift bought the ethical hacker course which included the network + course as she is learning IT with a view to go into security.

      I have been doing IT for 20 years now and am looking to move my career into security (2 birds 1 stone). I never worked as a network tech but have always been around it and have absorbed a fairly good understanding. I hold an MCSE (outdated now) but that covered lot of the core networking.

      I started doing the network + but gave up on it and decided to go straight into pentest + mainly on the assumption that there was a lot unnecessary detail on network + that wouldn’t be needed for pentest +.

      I have finished studying pentest+ this week and can confirm that my assumption was correct. Probably 80$ of network+ is not needed although you will need to have an understanding of the basic function and operation of all network hardware devices and you will also need to understand how subnetting works. Definitely need to know basic TCP/IP.

      I would sugget to go for the pentest+ but be prepared to break out of it for extra curricular studies on TCP/IP and subnetting if you don’t understand bits of it.

      Good luck!!

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