Learn networking before pen testing?


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      I was told to get my networking fundamentals down before I dive into a pen testing course or into pen testing at all. (if you second this or have a rebuttal let me know!)

      Is a networking course on udemy sufficient enough or should I go for a security+ to advance my networking knowledge?

      This is the udemy course i’m looking into, if this is sufficient enough to obtain the networking fundamentals I need to start the basics of pen testing then i’d rather do this then get a comp tia cert.

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      Don Donzal

      Without a doubt, you will need to get your networking fundamentals down. To answer your specific questions…

      I’m not sure which Udemy course you mean, but Security+ is not what you want first if you’re looking at CompTIA. Look at their Network+ cert.

      On the other hand, the free Penetration Testing Student course by eLS you received simply by registering on this site has an entire Preliminary Skills section on networking. Programming, too! 😉

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