Last Hope: Closing Ceremonies

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      After all was said and done, it was time to say goodbye.  We were told it would be a somber occasion, and after a moment of silence, a preacher could be heard at the other end of the auditorium.  The voice sound like something out of the HBO show, “Carnivale”.  He screamed things like, “yes, lower your head” and “feel free to cry, let it out”.  Behind this man of the cloth, was a procession of 6-8 people, carrying a coffin.  Once the coffin reached the foot of the stage Emmanuel Goldstein, the founder of HOPE, started his presentation.

      He showed the crowd slides of the first HOPE, and all others after that.  Then came the slide with the definition of last, “final, there is no more”, not easy words to read, until he quickly flipped to the ‘other’ definition of last, “previous, former” and then he brought it all home with a Boondock’s cartoon.  The caption read, “Did you go to the Last HOPE”  and the other character said something along the lines of, “No, but I will be at the next HOPE”.  This led to the final slide Summer 2010.  The crowd erupted, and the good times began, yet again. Emmanuel explained that the Hotel Pennsylvania demolition plans have been put on hold indefinitely; and after having the most successful HOPE ever he would be crazy not to do it again.  To add to the good times, Emmanuel called up Johannes, a hacker from Austria, who wants to create a hacker theme song.

      Johannes, has dug up a german techno song, that he feels is the perfect anthem for hackers everywhere Below is translation of the lyrics, I would be interested to hear everyone’s opinion:

      Surfen Multimedia
      Lyrics (translation):

      Suring surfing through the world with multimedia
      Suring surfing, day and night
      on the data highway

      Come join me on the internet tonight
      I’m already waiting for you
      Dude, be a user, go online
      You’ll meet me in the email

      And should you lack some megabytes
      You’ll find them here with me
      Be it interface or cyberspace
      I’ll gladly share with you

      With bits and bytes
      With mouse and click
      We are going on a tour
      In the World Wide Web
      We’ll follow each new hint today
      I would like to point out that people were dancing on the table on stage and in the aisles!

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