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      Ello all. Recently, my laptops wifi card went out. OR i broke it opening up the screen to fix the lcd panle. Anyway, i am looking for a good card that is not to expensive but will allow me to do the following:

      work with ubuntu linux and windows
      allow psuedo mode in wireshark
      allow packet injection for security testing
      allow me to use it to test wifi security and other security stuff as well

      thats all i need it to do. if i can get one for 30$ or less, that would be awesome. thanks guys.

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      AWESOME thanks. My old linksys wireless n adapter on my desktop is going out as well so it looks as if i will need to buy two of these bad boys. It is crazy, my phones, and wifes laptop connects to wifi just fine but my desktop connects, then disconnects and then reconnects for a while then goes out. the linksys on that is 6 years old and has been threw alot so i bet its going out.. grrrr. oh well. thanks for the link. i will be buying them soon.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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