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      Forgive if I have posted in the wrong area. Mods feel free to move it the correct location, if need be.
      I have an pentesting assignment for uni. I have 4 target hosts which I am attacking with Kali 2020.2. All are Virtualbox VMs. I am having a hard time finding anything about Host 4. Basic nmap scans are not picking up Host 4 Ip of my kali machine is Network IP is 192,168.45.0/24. I cheated a bit and looked up the the DCHP leases in the Virtualbox config file.I know from that host 4 has an ip of and port 2018 is open. I confirmed that with Kali

      $ nmap -Pn -p 2018

      2018/tcp filtered terminaldb

      First off, how can I get the details of host 4 legitimately with Kali and secondly, where do I go from here? I can’t find much on terminaldb exploits

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