Just wanted to say hi to everybody

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      Just wanted to say hi to everybody,

      After reading in the forums almost every day for quite some time now, I thought it is finally more then time to actually get registered  🙂 .

      I’m really impressed by the helpfullness of the members here and wanted to say thank you for providing such a great and informative forum.  

      I am pretty much new to the it-security arena, having a strong interest in web application and network security.  So, at the moment I am trying to improve my skills in TCP/IP, networking, programming, Backtrack & tools, setting up a virtual lab to play with … and so on … with the hope to land a job in pentesting or something related after I have finished my masters in information systems (unfortunatly in the master we don’t learn much about it-security).  Any guidance or tipps on how you guys landed a job in it-security is more then welcome.

      Due to what I have read here I also decided to sign up for the eCPPT at elearnsecurity.de (student+pro) shortly to set a solid basis to build upon. I am really looking forward to this hands on experience.  After the eCPPT the next hurdle will be the OSCP. But well, first things first… or how one says: “learn to walk before you run”  ;)…

      I am looking forward to read more from you guys, share ideas and learn from each other in the future.  



      p.s. I wasn’t sure in which forum I can post this, because there is no “newbie post here ;D”  forum. Because I am interested in pentesting I have posted here. So don, in case I posted in the wrong forum (maybe forum:other  ??? ), I am sorry – feel free to move this post to the right location.

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      Welcome. You will find a lot a people trying to improve programming, tcp/ip, linux, etc skills.

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      hello there
      im newbie here like you and i think its amazing hacking forum
      im member of hackthissite.org too but ethicalhacker.net is batter

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      hello and welcome here !  🙂

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      Welcome, gronic!

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      @all  Thx for the welcome messages  🙂


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      Good hello and welcome to the new folx!

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      Don Donzal

      Welcome to EH-Net. Thanks for coming out of lurker status. 😉

      You inspired me to create a new child board just for this type of thread. It’s been a long time coming, but I think’s it’s a great way to let the world know that we value new members and helping their careers progress in an ethical manner.

      Looking forward,

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      thx for the welcomes rance and don

      @don I think the “greetings board” is a great idea.
      It might also encourage other lurkers  ;D to step out and register.


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      Great introduction! Like many others here, I see alot of similar ideas and likes with your path and your goals. The foundation that you are trying to build for yourself is, I believe, the best first step one can take. I also am hoping to complete the eCPPT, it really looks and sounds like a great course.
      Welcome to the group!

Viewing 9 reply threads
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