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      Hi all! I am 27 yr old (former) restaurant manager and I am looking to get into IT. I have been working with computers (windows/Linux) since I was very young. I recently got my A+ and CIW certifications and am trying to figure out what’s next. I have been researching SecurityTube and TestOut. I took a TestOut course before and really liked their style. I also have a stockpile of CBTNuggets as well. Now, I’m looking to move into system/network administration and eventually into security. Here’s what I have planned:

      CompTIA A+ (Done)


      I am currently learning BASH and also plan on taking a few courses from SecurityTube to familiarize myself with Python. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ;D

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      It looks like you have a good list and you’ve already found SecurityTube so you’re ahead of the game šŸ™‚

      Do your best to try to put your tests in a logical order (i.e maybe do your Net+ next and follow that with your CCNA since there will be crossover) and don’t be afraid to NOT do a cert. I got my A+ and Net+ earlier this year and had planned on taking the Sec+ and Linux+ as well but ended up not doing them as I got a GSEC which I felt covered for the Sec+ and I took an online pen testing course and a byproduct of that was aquring the Linux skills I was looking for.

      I haven’t done it yet myself but I’ve heard great things about Wireshark university.

      Good luck!

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      I agree it sounds like you got plenty of skills already I would say leaning a programming language like python would be very useful. I am sure you have one already but having a lab is a great way to test your skills.

      Most of the course you have done seem to cover the theory side of things I would try and do a more hands on course like OSCP or elearn.

      Another thing you may want to consider if you don’t already have one but a security website or blog this is great for job interviews give you something to talk about but also shows you eat sleep drink breath security and I think this is really important as security is not a 9-5 job.

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      I like the look of Wireshark University. I see what you’re saying about elearn and OSCP, but I figured I would need to have more fundamental knowledge under my belt before I got into the OSCP certs. In regards to the the cert path, perhaps I will go Net+/CCNA (related), then Sec+/CEH (Related). I liked the idea of some basic MS certs because there are a lot of entry-level sysadmin jobs that look for these certs. Am I wrong?

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      I think I miss read you first post I would say if you don’t know Linux learn that as that is a key thing to have under your belt. Then it depends really what area you want focus in first. If its networking then do CCNA that give you really good understanding of networking then build on that.

      I think the stuff you plan on doing will give you a good grounding which of course you can build on security is all about learning learning learning

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      Your plan sounds solid to me and is in fact very similar to what I’ve been doing for the last eleven months. I grabbed my A+ and NET+ not because I needed them for a job but I want to make sure I’m well rounded and have a good foundation before I go onto the fun stuff like pen-testing. I’m taking the CISSP next month and will knock out the CEH this summer for the same reason. For once I’m having an ounce of discipline šŸ˜‰

      I haven’t taken the eCPPT course or the OSCP course but I’ll be taking them both within the next year. The general consensus is that eCPPT is much friendlier for those starting out (especially if you do the student before the pro) and does a great job preparing you for PWB and OSCP.

      Honestly, we’ll probably both be in the same boat as far as we could probably go do OSCP and make it but it would be more painful than if we did eCPPT first. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s going to be painful no matter what but maybe if we do eCPPT first than OSCP will make us want to cry but not actually cry.

      What I’ve learned this past year is that if you stick to well respected courses and certifications their are no bad choices. You should strive to do them all, it’s just a matter of what order you take them in (based on your interest and goals) and at what speed (based off of finances and free time).

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      I have decent competency with Linux. I’m studying Bash right now and have been using Ubuntu for years. I am currently trying to familiarize myself with Fedora and Suse.

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