Joomla Getting Hammered

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    So I just checked out Exploit-Db and man oh man Joomla is getting hammered. Check it :

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    I <3 JOOMLA (and Codeigniter)

    gimme gimme

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    damn smartfilter…i’ll check when i get home…(better keep an eye on the updates!)

    edit: not only joomla is getting hammered:

    PHP 6.0 buffer overflow:

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    Lots of vulnerable extensions.  I almost never run extensions on my Joomla sites, unless I have to.  Traditionally, Joomla itself has been pretty stable, but the extensions are written very poorly. 

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    Yeah, I only quickly glanced but it looked like most of what’s listed is additional components/extensions. Guess the lesson, for those who don’t do it already, would be to inspect that stuff before just installing it onto your site.

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    I see Joomla sites get hacked on a daily basis. I always warn them about install components but the customers always have the “I’ll never get hacked’ attitude, then months later they are calling needing help in finding out how their site got hacked.  LOL.

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