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      Hi all,
      Please i urgently need the following info:
      1)The best best and easy way to learn Java programming.I am 100% newbie.
      No programming experience at all..laughs.Study via online.
      2)Certifications-I wanna grab certification,what is the best(certified)
      3)Training institute-like infosecinstitute….only online.

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      I think Java is a good language to start learning programming with. I’ve googled some around quickly and this Java tutorial seems decent enough to get you started with:

      I don’t know much about the different certifications, so maybe you should just look around on these forums. Hmm books.. I’m not sure, since my Java books are all Dutch 😛 I think looking on and sort by Avg. Customer Review will show you some good books. This one looks al right to me:

      Introduction to Java Programming, Comprehensive

      Good luck!

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      Hey there newbie,

      @magxtopher wrote:

      1)The best best and easy way to learn Java programming.I am 100% newbie.

      There is no such thing called “The best best and east way to learn”, it all depends on you and what you are comfortable with. However the most common method is to grab a book that you like, study and EXERCISE, reading and understating a topic in java, will get you nowhere unless you practice the content and keep coding for hours, beside books, there are some free tutorials online.
      Having no programming experience, will not make the job easier especially when it comes to java, but trust me once you get the concept of java, learning other programming languages will be alot easier.

      @magxtopher wrote:

      2)Certifications-I wanna grab certification,what is the best(certified)

      The guys who made java are the best to get certified from, “Sun Java Certification” another good one is provided by Oracle, bear in mind, being certified in java, doesn’t mean you can solve real problems in real world, the best certification you can get is called “experience”.

      @magxtopher wrote:

      3)Training institute-like infosecinstitute….only online.

      I haven’t had experience learning java from institutes, sorry can’t help you with that, although you might want to visit oracle’s website I heard they do some java courses online.

      @magxtopher wrote:


      For a beginner, I would say start with the book: “Head First Java, 2nd Edition by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates”, if you had some very basic experience I would recommend “Big Java”, but do not start with Big Java as it does not provide any solutions to the exercises in book.

      Lastly, have fun  😉


      PS: If you needed help on any Java topic PM me I’d be happy to help.

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      Zerone and Zeroflaw,
      Thanks for your concern.
      I appreciate.

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      Don’t worry about programming certifications.  Programming certifications carry no weight for most employers.  Whereas many networking jobs will ask for a CCNA or a security job will ask for a CISSP, programming jobs generally require CS degrees and experience and do not look at certifications at all.  If your goal is to be a full-time programmer, try to get a CS degree

      Outside of application security, the programming skill that is expected in most security jobs is minimal or is considered a bonus/nice-to-have.  Learn whatever languages interest you and put them to use: automate, build tools, etc. 

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      Best and easy way to interactive learn Java fof newbie

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      I am not new to programming, but I think Java 9 for Programmers by Paul Deitel and Harvey Dietel
      is presented in a format that is easy to read, code and learn. It has example code to work with, and it has tutorials to set you up with an IDE if you like. I work with VIM. I suggest Java 8 jdk and jre with the current distribution at 1.8.0_181. Java is up to Java 11, but Java 9 as a text has a better price (about $100 less), and you will learn what you need to know.

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      Best and easy way to interactive
      java code

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