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    Hi All,

    I have an iphone that has been jail broken. I am trying to use software  on it but this software checks to see if the device has been jail broken. I heard that there is an app you can download that tricks software into believing the phone is not jail broken does anyone know what this is ?

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    Not wishing to give potentially “illegal/unethical” advice. It would appear that based on these article’s:



    You’re OK with regards to legality jailbreaking your iphone in the UK, as long as you’re not infringing copyright.

    Last time I looked and I’m sure you know this already but jailbreaking will set a default root password that should be changed.

    There also maybe issues with T&C’s for both the phone and the app, but you’ll need to review these yourself.

    A quick google for “iphone software bypass jail break check” shows that xCon may do the trick. Although some people have mentioned it won’t work for all apps.

    All in all a long way for me to say xCon, but for my conscience I needed to write the above.  😛

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    And YMMV with xCon, depending on the app in question. Some apps, such as those related to mobile device management, have gotten a bit better recently at detecting this sort of manipulation.

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    Thanks for the info and its all being used to test an app for another company just want try something thats all.

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    i agree with mowgli however all of apple products are sucks!!!!!!!

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    i agreed with cyber.spirit

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