Is it illegal to give away email addresses?

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      Rather, I’m sure it is, but I’m wondering which law it violates to do any of the following:

      Sell email address
      Give email lists away
      Sign other people up for online forums/news letters/viagra etc…

      If anyone could cite the specific act or law that would be great. I hear a lot of conflicting stuff and rumors about laws so it would be great if I could go straight to the source.

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      You would be seen as a part of the criminal chain and could be fined anything from 100$ – 100’000$ as you would be contributing to spam. As you might be aware of, we all hate spam and it’s destroying the Internet, so please, find something better to do in case you or someone else you know is doing it.

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      @Data_Raid wrote:

      This might help:

      Thanks for the reference from a verified source ;D

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