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      Hi everyone,
      I have a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering and recently came to Stockholm, Sweden to get my MSc in Information and Communication Systems Security. Are there any opportunities to have some experience in the security field here? (For anything that would happen in the summer; I am willing to move within Europe. I can also continue in that company/organization to complete my thesis in the next year.)

      Or maybe just like-minded people close by that could help me get on track with how to start a career in this field?

      Thank you very much,

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      Hi ozan,

      by any chance are you at KTH? Maybe even in the NordSecMob-programme?

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      Hi mambru,
      Yep, I am at KTH. Not in NordSecMob though. (I actually thought of applying but somehow missed the deadline last year 🙂

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      you could try to contact people from in the NordSecMob programme (students, coordinators, profesors), they may know about some companies/organizations, students are actively searching for summer jobs.

      I know Ericsson and Telenor offer this opportunities, unfortunately these are not always related to security. Also try Secunia at Denmark and Cibernetica at Estonia. If I remember some other options I’ll let you know.

      Good luck

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      you can try Mnemonic (, they are based in Oslo. though it may be difficult if you don’t speak norwegian.

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      Sorry for the quite late reply, I forgot to set the notification option on.
      I don’t speak Norwegian, but I am learning Swedish right now, I can already speak it in a basic manner. By summer, I would be OK at it I think. AFAIK they are quite similar. So that may be to my advantage.

      I will try my luck, thank you very much for the information.

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      If you find something give me a shout i’ve been looking for work in the security sector for a while now

Viewing 6 reply threads
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