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      Hi all,

      I’m interested in potential opportunities that anyone may know of, specifically looking to stay close to home – SE Michigan, but not Detroit 😉

      Quick background…

      Been messing with computers now for almost 12 years. Started out like some people (a little late) as a teenager with an interest in tinkering, learning to build them, and fix them. Got interested in the whole “hacking” aspect pretty quick due to a “death threat” email from then girlfriends’ ex-boyfriend. Came across this cool site called ‘CyberArmy.’ They had a bunch of challenges and you could increase your rank by passing them. Finally caught a break about 10 years ago and entered the IT space professionally.

      Since then I’ve bounced around from the payment card industry, to non-profit, to defense contracting, and now to consulting. I’ve had a variety of positions from helpdesk technician, network administrator, system administrator, information assurance officer, and now sr. associate/consultant.

      My current position is with one of the large, professional firms. I primarily perform technical security assessments but also do policy and procedures reviews, controls reviews and assessments, and lots of documentation.

      I’m looking for something close with little-to-no travel required.

      Any other questions feel free to ask. Feel free to PM or, due to changes coming, Base64 Decode my email below.

      e: d3ZAbWkucnIuY29t

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