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      Wife and I have been chatting about moving out of glorious CT and heading down south to FL.  I think after the last couple winters, I may be ready for that change.  So I started peaking at the job boards for the Orlando area and there do seem to be some opportunities.  Just curious if anyone has any suggestions or may know of any additional opportunities for that area.  Another possibility with moving to FL is that the wife would be more tolerant of work related travel.  So I would be open to positions that do not require me to be in any particular geographic location. 

      Thanks for your assistance!

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      might be worth checking:

      -Local Defcon Groups
      -Local CitySec Groups
      -Linked in for that area

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      I can help you there. 🙂

      I may even have an available position very soon. Shoot me a PM.

      In the meantime check out: (they welcome non-students and are VERY active and friendly) (I run the chapter) (I am fairly active, but this group is floundering a bit due to most of us getting jobs and being busy. it’s mostly just a monthly hangout but we are looking for new blood to breathe life into the group)

      We recently held (I’m the primary organizer but have some good friends helping out as well)

      Also I believe still meets (407 group for but am unsure how active they still are.

      And of course the standard ISSA/ISACA/Infragard blah blah.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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