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      Hii Everybody

      I wanna find out if there are any GPEN professionals in india ? Can some one give me some points for self study for GPEN or are there professinlas who did GPEN and got certified without any training ? I have a difficulty in finding the proctor if i ma gonna write the exam in my area(hyderabad) so if there are any candiates  and respond it would be great.

      Lookign forward for some best PENTESTERS  ;D ;D ;D

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      There are very few options to acheive GPEN via self study,

      You can look at the course objectives, study them on your own and challenge the exam. This is a tough option but can be done.

      You need to register with SANS for self study and they will ship you the materials and then register for the exam.

      Or the best option would be to do SANS OnDemand or SANS @Home or VLive.

      The exam is open book and therefore its best to have the latest SANS material.

      Hope this helps.


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      I took the GPEN challenge.  I thought that Counter Hack Reloaded by Ed Skoudis was a great reference.

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