I’m in need of hacker’s help! please!

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      I was recently defrauded by person/people who were sending me fraudulent emails. that resulted in me sending them goods that weren’t paid for.

      I know i was naive and stupid to let that happen but i found out a lot of innocent people all over the world were scammed by the same person.

      I am determined to put an end to this so i need help for someone who would track 3 email addresses for me. i need that in order to contact local police and have them arrested.

      Please help me as i don’t know what else to do!

      the addresses are:


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      It sounds like you are trying to do the job of the police.

      Why not let them do their own job?

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      To go a little further than Ziggy_567’s post…

      Anything you got about those email addresses would be tossed. There are things that have to be followed in order for the police to be able to use the evidence. They have the ability via the law to get more information.

      If you really need to show that you were defrauded. What you need to do is get the emails you were sent (anything they emailed too you), the receipts you have from buying the said products, and any other information you already have in your possession. Then go down to the local station and ask to file a report.

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      problem is that this person is in Nigeria and i am in Ireland.
      Irish police can’t do anything as this is beyond their jurisdiction ans i am not sure Nigerian Police will help me :/

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      The only good thing you can do is to make tell your story on as many forums/places as possible, so others can learn from it.

      We are familiar with the nigerian scams, and I don’t think that somebody from here want/is able to help you in this problem.

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      @salight wrote:

      i am not sure Nigerian Police will help me :/

      A % of the nigerian police are probably on the payroll of the scammers to make sure they’re not bothered by the police

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      Are you positive they’re Nigerian? read Sil’s posting about counter-hacking hackers.

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      If they have sent you fake emails, for example from paypal or any other similar service you could tell them what happend and forward the scam emails that they’ve sent you.

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      Your best bet would be to turn the information over to the proper authorities.  Unfortunately, they may not be able to help you, but that is the correct approach.  Not to mention, the legality and ethics of counter-hacking is questionable. 

      A friendly suggestion, it might also be a good idea to evaluate your companies procedures to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future.  I know it sucks to be ripped off, but you could take something positive from the situation. 

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      Don Donzal

      Go watch all of the videos mentioned in this thread:


      The site, http://www.stophcommerce.com, is dedicated to getting the word out about what happens when someone is scammed.

      Basically, as much as you’d like to get your money back and get revenge on the culprit, in the end you’ll do yourself a big favor by letting it go, never contacting them again and don’t try to find them. I’ve seen documentaries like Dateline where the investigative journalist travelled the globe following every lead to find the scammer (because the authorities wouldn’t help him) and actually met face-to-face with him. In the end, the journalist was frustrated, because the man just walked. There was nothing that could be done, even with the clout & money of a large media company.

      So as unfortunate as it may be, you don’t have anywhere near the funds or the power to make this happen. It’s totally unfair, but that’s just the way it is.

      Now just focus on getting your life back and moving on.

      Hope this heavy dose of the truth helps,

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      Some good advice from Don. Its not worth the hassle you just got learn from any mistake you may have made and be more aware next time.

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