I want to "hack" my wifi

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      because im not so sure about the security, I know its password protected but I want to be extremely sure since my last connection got hacked.

      Are there any programs or techniques I could use to hack into my wifi?

      just incase you wanted to know…im a noob I have no idea what I might have to do.

      thanks anyways.

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      What encryption are you running?  WEP?  WPA?  WPA2?

      If WEP, you can do WEP cracking pretty easily.  I normally recommend aircrack-ng suite of  tools (included in Backtrack3), but there’s a large number of options out there for you.

      If WPA, you’re looking at more of a dictionary or brute-force attack on the password.  Tends to take a bit longer, depending on the password strength.

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      I agree with simon on this one hands down. WEP can be cracked extremely easy. I parked outside my house to make it like an attackers view & ended up getting into my AP within 8 minutes. As for WPA wordlist wise, you may want to look on PureH@tes site at his wordlist, it’s damn good. Links Below:

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      just a quick question, I downloaded Purehates password list some time ago, but after extracting it wasnt able to open it in any text application. Also when attempting to use it with aircrack it said the dictionary was empty.

      Have you had this password list work?

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      For completeness and anyone else has similar issues, I split the file up into segments.
      In my case I split them up into 500Mb chunks.

      Here is the command for anyone interested.

      split –bytes=500m wordlist.txt wordlist_part

      wordlist.txt = the name of the file you want to split, and wordlist_part is how the naming will work for the split chunks.

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      I see all this talk about cracking WEP in 5 minutes or 8 minutes or 20 minutes…anyone actually cracked 128bit WEP on a network with little traffic (1-2 clients) in 20 minutes or less?

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      Yes… no clients, less than a minute or two.

      This information is readily available on the Internet.

      Check out the Remote Exploit forums.


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      Yeah, its a doddle 64bit or 128bit without clients.
      Just inject the traffic, and away you go.

      WEP really is worthless, but better than nothing for the home user.

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      I have cracked a lot of wep and I cant say I have been fortunate enough to crack 128 bit in less than a minute with no clients, but often around 8 minutes is normal, at least for me.  I would also add that if the normal home owner used all the security normally available with most home routers, it can be reasonably secure. What I mean by secure is secure from the neighborhood script kiddie, which is usually the one that is the culprit. Along with 128 wep, mac filtering, no DHCP, etc… usually makes it to much of a pain for the average teenage hacker. Then on top of all that, the router signal needs to be strong enough for you to be able to inject packets from a distance, say at least from the street.  Most people are going to get a little weird if you try and hack them from their front porch, lol. Yes, wep alone is weak, but to truly cut your teeth as a hacker, you should try and hack your way through all the above mentioned security. Not that its a big deal to do, but it often requires much more time.

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