i now have a internship at the intrepidus group

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      Just thought i would share with the community that i now have a paid internship with the Intrepidus group in NYC

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      Congrats!  Make the most of it, learn all you can, and start doing your professional network-building.

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      Pick their brains, while people may blow you off because of workload, try to learn as much as possible. Ask questions. If need be, ask some people to a bar and ask about stuff there.

      Don’t be like the last couple of interns I dealt with. Show up, no drive.

      One never asked questions, and ended up doing just the shipping and disposal stuff.

      The other one, I didn’t really work with when she was an intern, before I started, but now on the monitoring desk. When she was an intern, never asked questions, just showed up and did home work. Issue was the Sr. Engineer wouldn’t hold her hand, and spoon feed,.

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      thanks a lot guys i will definitely be asking a lot of questions and no i am not the kind who needs his hand held, if i don’t get it right the first time i bash my head in on it till i get it 😛

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      congrats dude! those guys are super awesome, I did an internship with them last year. they haven’t got back to me yet, but i’m hoping to join them FT after I graduate  😀

      you should definitely show up the first day with a case of beer or something – those guys are suckers for spaten pilsner

      pm me if you want to know more about what to expect from the internship

Viewing 4 reply threads
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