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    Hello Dear!
    i have two pressing issues i will like the wonderful people of this forum to assist me with:
    (1)If there is identity theft attack or phishing attack. What information can I gather about this attack using network forensics.
    (2) I am current undergoing a post graduate course in information security, in a very short period i will start my thesis in the area of network forensics. Please i need advise on the current trends/project/topic to begin my research. I will appreciate help from you guys

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    If you’re serious about this, setup a lab environment and attack yourself. Observe what you can find on the network level for various types of attacks.

    The following course and book topics should provide you with a good starting place for brainstorming thesis topics.

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    I will be providing a link for FREE forensics training course tomorrow on this forum , it will definitely help you in you thesis ..

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    Hi! It looks like your question is outdated already, however, if somebody would find yourself in the same situation, I can advise some solutions. Considering the fact that most of the community represent small groups of blockchain enthusiasts and individual researchers, I wouldn’t recommend such sophisticated solutions like Chainalysis or Ciphertrace due to their corporate-shaped forms and pricing. I personally use the tool, made by the Cryptohound team (c-hound.ai), which is more advanced than an average wallet explorer, yet free and accessible (unlike professional B2B crypto forensics tools).

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