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      I am a student with Kaplan University just starting on my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Security and Forensics. I have an assignment coming up for one of my classes in which I need to interview a professional in my chosen field. I’m going to follow up my baccalaureate with a Master’s degree which will put me in the field of professional hacker. What my point is I’m looking for a professional ethical hacker to interview for my class and I thought this site would be the perfect place to find one.

      If anyone will help me it will be greatly appreciated. The interview will only take about a half hour of your time and can be conducted over chat or phone whichever is better for you. If anyone can help please feel free to e-mail me at lneklewitz@hotmail.com with a time and date that is convenient for you.

      Thank you for your time and consideration.


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      have you tried asking on twitter?

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      No I haven’t but that’s a good idea. I did already find someone here willing to help me but thanks for the suggestion.


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      Hi Lee:

      Maybe I cam Help

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