I need help please from e-mail abuser

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      Jasmine J

      Hi everybody,

      there’s this guy i was in a relationship with, and he constantly trying to rune my reputation and my relationship with my new boyfriend, i know it may sounds lame, but he has pics, conversation and emalis between me and him and it’s really annoying, though it’s been years and i thought it has ended but still. i need someone to erase whatever he has against me.

      the reason is i come from non (open minded) society, and such stuff can really done so much damage, please help

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      It is unfortunate that you are having to deal with these problems.  Unfortunately you will not find anyone here that will assist you in this endeavor.  If you have someone harrassing you, your best bet is to go to your local law enforcement for assistance. 

      What you ask pretty much goes against all this site is here for.  We practice Ethical hacking.  We do not engage in illegal activity no matter how honorable the cause may be. 

      The only thing I can recommend to avoid such things in the future is to watch what you do and say online with significant others.  These are the days of the internet and it does not take long to get pics and videos up online and available for all to see.  Your new boyfriend will have to understand this and support you any way he can. 

      I hope things turn out alright.  Sorry we could not be of any further help.

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      Sorry to hear that … maybe next time you will not take any pix or write certain things like that. Hopefully you learned your lesson on doing stuff like that. Good luck and file a police report.

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      Malachai, was saying that really worth bumping a 10 month old thread?

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      Im really really really  sorry for that incident and i know how much it can be bad and painfull but we are ethical hackers and we cant harm people or steal their info because its not legal. I hope it will be ok someday

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      @Eleven wrote:

      Malachai, was saying that really worth bumping a 10 month old thread?

      10 month old? Wow i haven’t noticed i thought its new anyway im stil sorry for her!!!

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