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      Michael J. Conway

      Hey gang,

      For those of you not familiar with Huntsville, Al or think we only have Space Camp here, we have much more than that. I too, was surprised to find the large number of contractors down here that I did. There are companies like Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon. And we all do quite a bit of work for Uncle Sam. I know at least where I work, it is hard to get the contract owner to pay for us to travel to conferences when they “don’t see any material value” out of the trip. With that said, wouldn’t it be great to get a ChicagoCon down here?

      Thanks for the responses,

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      I hear you I am one state over (Georgia) and there is not many con around in the South East. I do know of happening next month in Atlanta but it is a very small hacker/security con and dose not have the training or keynoters like Chicagocon. I will be at outerz0ne next month speaking cause it’s only an hour drive for me. I still want to go to Chicagocon this year but if I do go it will be 100% out of my pocket and thats a hard sell to my bank account. Anyway if you have any cons in Alabama let me know as I would be interested.

      aka Slimjim100

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      Funny you should mention the prospect of a conference in Huntsville, AL; I just had to turn down a request to speak at a conference there.  This is certainly not a Hacker Con, but I thought I would mention it…

      Annual Redstone Arsenal

      IT Security and Assurance Conference & Expo 2009

      Providing Electronic Force Protection for the Warfighter

      Incidentally, I certainly wouldn’t mind attending a conference in Huntsville.  I’m also one state over, just in the opposite direction from slimjim (Mississippi).  Perhaps you can justify Phreaknic 13, which will be in Nashville some time in October…

      Seth Misenar

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