How was ChicagoCon?

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      No one ever posted about their experience at ChicagoCon 2008f… How was it (for those that went/presented)?? Good turnout? Good presentations?


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      Don Donzal

      Boot camp attendance was off due to the economy. As we know, the first thing to go when times are rough (besides the IT dept as a whole  😉 ) is training and travel. So we’ll take our lumps and move forward.

      That being said, the conference portion on Fri & Sat grew from last time. I thought the talks were great. We had a nice mix of technical topics, policy talks, real-world examples, career counseling, etc.

      Many came up to me and expressed their feelings of how great they thought is was. They loved the talks, the format, the food was awesome, the venue is perfect and the conversations during the event were appreciated. It has me inspired to make the next one even better. We’re looking at May again.

      I’ll let those who attended add their unbiased thoughts.  ;D


      PS – Sorry you couldn’t be there this time. Maybe we’ll see you again in the spring like last year.

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      Sorry to hear about the bootcamps, Don. :- Hopefully the spring will be better.

      Glad to hear that the conference attendance levels grew. That’s excellent!

      I am definitely planning to attend the spring conference next year and looking forward to it! I’ve talked to a couple people that expressed a pretty good amount of interest in attending in the spring as well. I’ll see if I can bring a couple other people with me as well 🙂

      Thanks for the update.


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      Sounds like a good time. I’ll see if I can get out there next time.

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