How to get onto Online T-Mobile Account.

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      I lost my password for my online T-Mobile cell account. I know I can easily retrieve it, but I want to know how easy it is to get into it without actually calling or using the forgot password link. I was wondering if someone could steer me in the right direction on how to find my own password for the website. Main reason is, my EX-Wife has friends that are pretty good at security checking, and I had a few changes on my account through the website (That werent made by me) so I want to see how easy it is for others to get into that account so I can judge weather or not to cancel that and just use the phone service for all my issues with them. Thanks for the help!

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      This would depend on a few things, including the strength of the password that you used. I don’t think that you’ll find much specific help here on hacking into a T-Mobile account. After all, this is the *Ethical* Hacker Network.

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      Yeah I figured that, I didnt wanna actually hack it, I just wanted to see how easy it was to do so, if it was or not, what process was used to do so. And it is def for my own account. I dont mind doing some research into it, just dont know where to start for somthing like that.

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      While it’s your account, those aren’t your servers or resources.

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      It was known in hacker circles a few years ago this site was vulnerable to SQL injection.  Things are tightening up a bit and now good old password guessing has come back in force. I can’t believe how many people use the name of their pets or kids as passwords.  You can ask for the password to be sent as a text message and then if you can get your hands on the cell phone for a second by a little social engineering or theft, that’s all that’s needed. Keep your passwords strong and keep your phone password protected. I was amazed how people even at Defcon were forgetting their cells when they left and they were not secured with a password!    Many people don’t realize that just because the secret question might be “what’s the name of your favorite pet?” that’s still doesn’t mean you can’t type in (589>dfERrf) or whatever you want. Paraphrases work best for most people actually.  Secure your phone and use good passwords and you will be fine. You dont have to worry about testing anything.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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