How to become more lucky when betting

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      I understand that it is hardly possible to find an answer to this question, because the rates largely depend on luck, but suddenly there are some secrets that I don’t know about.

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      Hi, I don’t think there are lucky people who hide secrets from others. Perhaps it’s really a matter of luck and that’s it.

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      Of course, a lot of your success depends on your luck, because these are bettings. Nevertheless, there are quite a few tools that affect the quality of your result. For example, I advise you to look at this site where you can keep an eye on picks, predictions, choose a reliable bookmaker, not risk too much, and so on. I also advise you to read the articles on

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      Essentially, the distinction has to be made between the skills used in poker and pure gambling used in casino games like roulette. While the adage sometimes goes that for recreational poker players, poker is 30 percent skill and 70 percent luck, while for pros those figures are reversed.

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      In which casino can I get a bonus?

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Viewing 6 reply threads
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