How long did it take you to finish the CEH test?

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      Just wondering how much time it took people to do this test.  🙂

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      I spent about 3 hours on the test and then about 30 minutes on review. I did not feel rushed and I did take my time. I passed very nicely. 🙂

      My experience:

      The test was not really that hard, but then I have done my due diligence. What makes it “hard” is just the fact that there is a lot of stuff to memorize.

      I removed my comments – no questions in here but not sure I can talk about some of the issues with the test…

      All in all, not to bad.

      My study method.

      17 years of security experience ranging from desktop security to my current job as a Systems Admin/Security Admin for a hospital.
      AIO book – Read cover to cover, doubled up on what was new to me.
      AIO practice tests – OK for the test, but I wish there had been more of them.
      CEH review guide + practice test questions.
      Official course ware (OCW) – Read all of the slides and doubled up on the ones new to me.
      Train Signal’s free video training on CEH.
      This forum.
      Web research on topics I had issues with.
      Hack lab to practice using the tools, sniffing traffic etc.
      750 flash cards made by me, for me, based on AIO and the OCW.
      1 hour at lunch M-F doing Flash cards ~ 3.25 months.
      2-3 hours M-F doing flash cards, practice test ~ 3.25 months
      8-12 hours Every weekend doing flash cards, reading the books, reading this fourm, SANs white papers, working in the hack lab, and other various sources. ~3.25 months.

      I hope this helps someone else who is studying.


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      Congratulations Dalobo!!!  ;D

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      Thank you.  🙂

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      Congrats on passing! I honestly don’t remember as it was too long ago. A couple hours I’m sure. Just like you, I know I didn’t feel rushed and I had plenty of time for review as well.

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      Hi, new to the forums.

      The time it took for me to pass wasn’t on the list. 39 minutes, 89%

      System admin for USMC (back before it was controlled by *gag* NMCI)
      Desktop support tech for many years
      Android ROM developer (gives me plenty of Linux experience)
      Formal training through a EC-Council certified instructor in a 5 week course including lots of labs. + a week of practice exams.

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