How do i get my hp printer to print in color


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      There could be several reasons that trigger your printer to not deliver color printouts. That causes the users to ask how do i get my hp printer to print in color! Well, that the most common issue in the most printing machine. After thorough research this is what we found – not using the color ink cartridges for a long time causes the error. It may clog the printhead nozzles, ink cartridges may get dried, or sometimes using the bad quality paper also leads to not printing color issues. We are a team of printer experts and technicians who keep dealing with such problems nature of our business. What we suggest to our clients is –

      · Have a regular check of your printer.

      · Get the maintenance done on regular basis.

      · Regularly monitor your printer for any issues.

      Want to get rid of the problem? No worries. We have a team of printer experts and technicians who are well versed with the problem and solution. Call us today!

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      I do not know HP printer that much that how it works for printing the commond when you do it through WIFI connectivity also sometime it cracks, recently I got my homework done by law assignment online service and HP print started acting up alot due to alot of internal damage

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