How come nobody cares about Australian censorship?

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      I’ve been reading news here and there about Australian censorship.  While I do not know everything about it, it appears there is a going to be mandatory country wide filtering of specific sites (it’s on Wikileaks apparently, but my corporate filter is blocking it) blocking child pornography, gay, fetish, gambling sites, religious sites, etc.  (on a side note, I shall dub thee “The Great Barrier Firewall” copyright pending).

      My question is, why is there not more of an uproar like with the Great Firewall of China?  Is it because Australia is not a bunch of commies (no offense to any commies)?  I’d imagine Australia would have an easier time blocking because of the bandwidth choke points.

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      well, to be frank, China today is not like the China 20 years ago you’ve read in the newspaper, business and economic in China is booming like mushroom and a lot of companies are moving their business there, and by all means, majority of the products you buy in Walmart or other departmental stores are made in China. and yes, ex-commies, but they have opened up their trade, so you see the in-flow/out-flow, there, it’s huge!

      I’ve found an article here which is quite interesting ->

      and another one here ->

      I guess it is politically motivate to block sites like “Free Tibet” or anything that’s damaging to their image in China, but like I’ve said, China don’t care what the west said and will tell them to mind their own business.

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