How can i build my oen protocol..?

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      I am been [s:t8jqccx6]working[/s:t8jqccx6] studying on  encryption ciphers and various NIPS and NIDS .
      Now , i am wanting to build my own protocol and analyze them in any of the NIPS software or network packet analyzing software like ethereal.
      I have no idea on how to proceed further .
      i would be glad if u could help me out.

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      Well, your first read should probably be about using sockets (winsock on Windows).  A network protocol is an abstract concept.  It is a basically a set of rules and guidelines for the parties communicating to be able to send, receive, and parse data.  Once you grock socket programming, you can move on and incorporate encryption and other technology. 

      Usually, when I do socket programming, I like to use simple XML structures for communication.  I realize this adds a bit of overhead, but it makes writing the routines that handle parsing data much easier, since most languages have a built in support for XML. 

      Just Google “socket programming” or “winsock programming” and you should get a ton of links to tutorials.

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      Thanks for the info ,
      i also wanted to know that which programming language is best for socket programming ?
      Should i go for python or use a relatively lower level like C++ or C ?

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      I believe many languages offer the ability to work with sockets.  My personal preference is C/C++.  That’s just me though.

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      Implementing your own protocol shouldn’t be hard – you could write a server/ client architecture and design whatever you want. The ends just must know how to interpret the coming packets.
      Taking a look at sockets as suggested by Ketchup is certainly a good idea.

      In terms of programming language – it really doesn’t matter, choose whatever you feel comfortable with.

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