Home editions of XP, Vista, W8 needed

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      I need legal ‘Home Edition’ copies of XP, Vista and of Windows 8 currently for the purpose of re-installation on customer PCs. The customer will supply the keys needed in each case. It would be fantastic to find some that have all the latest updates slip-streamed but we can certainly manage without that.

      Assistance is greatly appreciated.

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      You can download some of them from Microsoft site and put the customer license, if doesn’t work the activation call Microsoft.

      If you are looking for something with crack then you are in the wrong place.

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      @unicap2700 I noticed you asked a similar question before: Rebuilding the OS for my customers.

      It might be helpful for others to read that thread first, so they don’t have to offer advice that you’ve already been given.

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      The other forum post contained a good amount of info. If you want to be a responsible repair tech then anyone running anything less that Windows 7 should be advised to upgrade to Windows 7/8. If the hardware is as old as the OS, the it would make sense to just get new system and be done with it. I know my time is valuable and if someone comes to me with an old XP system they want to fix, that is usually my first recommendation. If they don’t want to, I will spend a little time cleaning out temp files and such but I will not waste time rebuilding to XP. If I ask them if they have their original media and they say no, then I tell them I can’t help them or I recommend going linux 😀

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      That still doesnt explain to me why Vista is worse. Vista has been nothin but smooth and way way better then XP ever was.

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